The cultural revolution that is hip-hop spawned entirely new forms of dance. Many styles, such as break dancing, originated on the streets and slowly found their way into dance competitions and official venues.

This class is a fast-paced lesson in the history of the hip-hop genre. From the break beats of the early eighties and the sounds of today. This class offers nonstop funky beats and a fun workout to boot.


JAM offers classes from beginner to advanced, starting at age 5, as well as boys classes, where you learn the dance moves for an eclectic mix of old hip-hop classics and new hits.


Any style leotard, tan or pink tights, jazz shorts, jazz pants, sweats or leggings, Black, low-top converse-like tennis shoe that not been street-worn. Hair must be up in a pony tail and pulled off of face.  NO PRE-WORN STREET SHOES PERMITTED ON DANCE FLOOR. DUE TO COVID, YOU WILL BE ASKED TO TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF FOR CLASS IF THEY ARE WORN IN FROM OUTSIDE.


Boys: Comfortable pants and shirt, NO JEANS!


*Please purchase the required shoe due to the fact that it will be used for any performance opportunites and recitals.  

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