Covid Studio Requirements

It is our promise at JAM Dance Academy to do our very best to protect our dance families in light of these stressful times.  We began our promise back in June to trust us with your children and drop them off in a safe environment.  As we begin to navigate through this new normal together, we can assure you that safety and support is our top priority.  Please see below our new structure as recommended by the State of Ohio policies concerning Covid.  For more information, please click on the link attached.

We're here to support each other!



  • As a precaution against the further spread of illness during the 2020-21 School year, we are instituting procedures to limit the numbers of individuals present in the school at any given time.
  • Students must be dropped off no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled lesson or class. If you are more than 10 minutes early, please wait in your vehicle with your student.
  • To facilitate student arrivals/departures, all students should arrive dressed for dance class if appropriate
  • Upon entering, students must wash their hands.
  • Hand saitizer will be placed throughout the studio.
  • Students must be picked up no later than 5 minutes following their scheduled lesson or class. Please be in the parking lot before the end of class to pick up your student.
  • Students should move directly to/from the facility to their waiting vehicle before and after classes/lessons.
  • The studio has made every effort to adhere to the social distancing rules set in place by our State.  The studio can have no more than 10 individuals throughout the waiting room, Little Jammers Playroom (which is closed for play at this time) and the hall area. 
  • Parents, siblings and other individuals not enrolled in a class are asked to refrain from staying on the premises or in the lobbies during class.  We understand that our students, ages 3-7 may need to see their parents.   As long as no more than 10 parents are outside of the studio, please be there for your child.

MASK POLICY: ****DUE TO THE COUNTY IN THE PURPLE ZONE, MASKS HAVE BEEN REQUIRED FOR ALL STUDENTS. THE STATE HAS NOT LISTED THIS IN THEIR CURRENT POLICIES.  It is the State’s current policy that masks need to be worn by anyone entering a public-premises (JAM Dance Academy) and we will adhere to that policy for the safety of our clients, staff and guests.  Masks are required for any student 5 and up and optional for students under age 5 while moving about the premisis. It is of your own discretion to remove your mask only in the dance studio while exercising, but maintaining 6ft social distancing.  Should you or your family member have a condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, please let us know.  Please refer to the Covid Rlease Form regarding liability.

WATER: Each student is expected to bring their own water bottles that have their names clearly listed on them.  Please remember to take your water bottles home as we will not be holding onto the bottles.  JAM will not be providing cups or water bottles as of now.  The students may bring secured water bottles into the studio and take as many water breaks as needed.


SANITIZATION: The studio barres and public areas will be disinfected after each class nightly and before opening.  Hand sanitizer, spray and cleaning supplies are present throughout the studio.  One can't clean enough!  We're in this together!


ATTENDANCE RESTRICTIONS: Students who are exhibiting any active symptoms of the coronavirus or any other contagious diseases are prohibited from attending classes or lessons in person but may attend via distance learning (please contact Artistic Director to set up Zoom link) until such time as they are symptom-free or cleared by a physician.  If a member of a student’s household is exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus or other contagious diseases, the student is prohibited from attending classes or lessons in person but may attend via distance learning until such time as they and their family are symptom-free or cleared by a physician.


DISTANCE LEARNING: In the event of a recurrence of Covid-19, or another pandemic contagious disease, leading to JAM Dance Academy closures, we may need to switch to distance education for the duration. These classes are interactive, progressive and comprehensive. While different, they are not inferior to in-person instruction and there will be no discounts offered as a result of the method of instructional delivery. If you or your family has a logistical or financial burden that prohibits continuation under these conditions, please contact the office to discuss accommodations. Should the classes need to be cancelled due to lack of participation, no refunds will be issued. If a student is feeling sick and wishes to take class that day virtually, please let the studio know by messaging us on our Facebook page (the quickest way to get informtion to us)  so we can have the time to set up the virtual link via ZOOM.  We're here to help you feel the most comfortable as possible!






Please be POSITIVE: Ensure any comments regarding students or staff of the school, or other arts educators in town, are uplifting in nature rather than disparaging. Encourage your student to be inclusive of other students and respectful of their instructors. Build self-confidence by allowing your student to take responsibility for their own learning. 

Please be CONSIDERATE: Try to be on time when picking up and dropping off your children. Walk them into the lobby to ensure that any communication that needs to occur is done during your student's lesson or class time. Refrain from posting pictures or videos online of other students (apart from your own) without asking permission of their parents.

Please be KIND: Ensure any public comments made about the school, its students or staff (including on social media) are respectful, truthful and non-specific to any enrolled children. Concerns should be addressed with office staff rather than in the public sphere while enrolled in the school. Opt to focus on what students are doing well at and not where they struggle.  

Please be ENTHUSIASTIC: Encourage participation and practice from your student. Help them through positive affirmation and by creating space and time for them to focus on their studies. Celebrate their successes and encourage them to celebrate the achievements of their classmates or friends. 

Please be UNDERSTANDING: We make every effort to ensure a quality dance education is offered to your student. You can help by supporting the instructors' decisions with regard to level or class placement, repertoire choice, and instructional methodology. Remember that students will have needs beyond what can be predicted by parents and instructors and that sometimes we will need to take time to focus on those needs before progress can be made. 

Communication with Staff: Parents with questions specific to their child's instruction are invited to speak with instructors during their child's regularly scheduled lesson. Parents wishing to direct questions to a dance instructor should email those specific concerns to and not personal phone, email; all questions regarding scheduling and billing, communications, policies or any other school matter should be directed to the office as well. 



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