Adult Fitness

Relax and have fun in this judgement free dance zone!  JAM does not foget about our Adult friends!  Right now we're experiencing stressful times and we're here to support you. 


We try to mix it up a bit and this season, by request, we're offering ADULT JAZZ to our schedule in North Ridgeville!  Elements of Pilates-based exercises will be incorporated for core strength!




North Ridgeville

Adult Tap

$50 per month, February - June

Wednesdays, beginning 2/4/21



Adult Jazz Fusion

$50 per month, February - June

Thursdays, beginning 2/4/21


Click here for our North Ridgeville registration form



Lakewood Location Adult Classe

Teen/Adult Tap 18 & Up

Thursdays from 7pm-8pm


$50 per month


These classes are meant for the adult who may or may not have had previous dance experience, wants to learn or freshen up their basic knowledge or wishes to stop in and enjoy good conversation with a supportive group and dance!

Past classes have included Funk, Hip Hop and Ballet.  Our classes promote cardio by combining some hip hop, jazz and contemporary styles to upbeat, fun music in an adult only setting!  Work your abs, arms and legs and get that heart rate up! Work your muscle memory and breathing techniques. 


"It's never too late to allow long-forgotton dreams to awaken from their slumber."

  -Jane Lee Logan




Let us know if there is something you're looking for!  Safe, friendly and JUDGEMENT FREE!!!


Any style of workout clothing that is comfortable for you to move in.  Hair up and off of your face.  Street shoes ARE NOT PERMITTED on the dance floor.  Any style ballet slippers, socks or clean tennis shoes only used for class.  Shoes must fit well for safety.  Smile is a must!!!



Forms can be mailed to 35100 Center Ridge Road, North Ridgeville, 44039 or

13000 Athens Ave., #203, Lakewood, OH 44107

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