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Classes ages 0 & Up!  Baby JAM, Ballet, Jazz & Contemporary!

July 15-August 8


Classes Offered

We offer a comprehensive training program to include Little Jammers for our baby ballerinas, Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Hip Hop Fusion and Tap

Our program is for ages 3 & Up.

NEW FOR 2019

Jazz dance for ages 5-9 years old!

Starting in February 2019, JAM Dance Academy will begin it's new youth jazz program.  Jazz is essential to the well-rounded dancer and with the mix of ballet, contemporary and hip hop, we break down techniques to the littlest dancer which will enhance their movement and build their dance confidence!

Performance Opportunities

Spring Showcase, CAVS Game performance, The Nutcracker and outreach

We understand that performing shapes and molds a person with experiences that can transform them for life. Our main goal, first and foremost will be to focus on a students' technical training. Whether they wish to pursue a career in dance or simply dance for the rest of their lives, JAM trains a dancer to be well-rounded in all disciplines of the art-form.  Tickets for our Nutcracker Ballet on sale soon!

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